Desert Canvas: Munduzer Gallery

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All photos by Mitchell Aaron Gross

Munduzer160408-17 Munduzer160408-29 Munduzer160408-40 Munduzer160409-19 Munduzer160409-35 Munduzer160409-44 Munduzer160409-53 Munduzer160409-54 Munduzer160409-55 Munduzer160409-64 Munduzer160409-69 Munduzer160409-93 Munduzer160409-113 Munduzer160409-124 Munduzer160409-137 Munduzer160409-188 Munduzer160409-196 Munduzer160409-245 Munduzer160410-12 Munduzer160409-550 Munduzer160409-500 Munduzer160409-271

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