Thank You, Disclosure, For Lessening My Lolla Fomo

written by Ariana Assaf This weekend, social media is my enemy. Posts go from rants about the DNC to #teamnosleep-captioned pictures from Lollapalooza and back again, and I’m really not a [...]


Setting Our Sights On Summer Set

written by Austin Allen STS9, Gramatik, Flux Pavilion, Atmosphere, Marshmello, Mr. Carmack, G JONES, Artifakts and so many more artists will be filling ear holes with some of the best sounds in [...]


Album Review: Keeplove?’s Northernways

written by Connor Hayes Some artists go the length of their career without making a statement. Others are content to pump out what they know in their hearts to be vapid melodies, in the hopes of [...]


Shambhala Brings On the Best of Bass and Natural Beauty

written by Νίκο Απέργης On the 5th of August, Canada’s bass heavy fest Shambhala will descend for the 19th time on the Salmo River Ranch. The beauty of British Columbia’s lush forests and [...]


How Mysteryland Got Me Out of Myself and In to the World

written by Michael Talavera Decades ago, Woodstock pioneered the American festival frontier and left its mark on popular culture. The third US edition of Mysteryland, held on the very same [...]


Happy Birthday to “Omen” + More Ways to Celebrate with Disclosure

written by Ariana Assaf “But now I see your tears as an oooooomeeeeeen…” How many times have you belted that line at the top of your lungs? Spotify suggests it’s somewhere [...]


Jauz is Going Off The Deep End…In a Good Way

What better place to push the limits than Vegas? LA-based DJ/producer Jauz is coming off a whirlwind festival season with appearances at Tommorrowland, EDC UK, Ultra Croatia, and more, and is now [...]


Buzzing Off Vitamin C Will Set You Free

written by Austin Eames photo by Sage Thomas We’ve all been told time and time again about the powers—and sometimes wonders—of vitamin C, but how many of us remember to bring it to festivals? [...]


How Water Holograms at Imagine Music Festival are Saving Lives

Imagine Music Festival has teamed up with AQUA for a main stage take over with their 3D water hologram production. Founded with the idea that every concert goer can make a difference, AQUA [...]


Getting Back to Basics with Woogie Weekend

written by Bryan Deng As someone who has gone to many festivals big and small over the years, the humble and loveable Woogie Weekend is a breath of fresh air. Organized by The Do Lab, the same [...]

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