“F*ck that, this isn’t Coachella”: a summary of my feelings on b2b Forest

written by Ariana Assaf Earlier today, Facebook-fueled rumor mill The Festive Owl announced that Electric Forest has a two weekend plan in store for 2017 that, barring an apparently unlikely shut [...]


Hi Five and Who Cares Revamp an Old Favorite

written by Mara Manella While there may be some 00’s rap we’d all like to forget, Chicago-based brothers Who Cares and Hi Five have expertly remixed a track that we all know and love. [...]


Summer Set Shows That the Music Makes the Festival

written by Austin Allen Summer Set Music Festival at a glance Summer Set was exactly how I thought it would be: exciting artists, a great venue, an aggravating crowd, the tightest security [...]


Viva Life Is Beautiful!

written by Mara Manella We’re less than a month away from the OTHER incredible Las Vegas festival that brings together music fans of all types. As we prepare to dance through the streets of [...]


North Coast Is Upon Us!

written by Bulmaro Jacobo The sixth year of North Coast Music Festival in Chicago’s Union Park is just around the corner, and we’re ready to start closing out the summer on a high [...]


Vertex is a First Year Festival Done Right

words and photos by Mia Nissen Vertex Music Festival at a glance Visit Vertex, and you might find that being an adult comes with just as much playfulness and exuberance as our precious childhoods [...]


Enchanted Forest Gathering is Proof You Don’t Need to Drink to Have Fun

guest written by Che Hanson Enchanted Forest Gathering at a glance Music genre:  Glitch Hop World Beat Camping: Yes Capacity: Small, about 3000 Crowd type: Families, ravers, hippies For the [...]


Veld On, My Friends

written by Nick Austin Music genre: Mostly mainstream, big room house music with some trap, heavy bass, and rap tossed in Camping: No Capacity: Medium (roughly 40,000) Crowd type: Young party [...]


The Beauty of Bass Camp

guest written by Hatim Hafid Bass Camp Music Festival at a glance Now in it’s fourth year, South Lake Tahoe’s Bass Camp is more than enough to impress the average EDM enthusiast, and it only gets [...]


I Went to HARD Summer and Don’t Have Much to Show For It

written by Mara Manella I love HARD events. The polarizing event company, often compared to the Insomniac’s of the world, has never let me down. I love going and comparing artists I [...]

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