Lights, Camera, Dallas: Why NYE is Bigger in Texas

written by Daniel Smith  New Year’s Eve. It is almost always an interesting adventure if you’re willing to let go and accept the course of the festivities. Lights All Night in Dallas, Texas [...]


I Got It From My Mudra

by Mia Nissen         A chat between Festival Squad and the creators of  Kalí Zoë Designs acupressure jewelry.   FS: Festival Squad KZ:  Kalí Zoë Designs   Kalí Zoë Designs has [...]


Major Event Company, Insomniac, Announces New Texas Festival

Insomniac Events owner, Pasquale Rotella, announced this afternoon that a brand new festival is in the works for Spring. Middlelands Festival will take place in Todd Mission, TX and is said to be [...]


30 Photos from Symbiosis That Will Make You Want to Attend in 2017

All photos by Juliana Bernstein / Get Tiny Photography Symbiosis Gathering is a transformation event held in Oakdale, CA. In 2017 they have some surprises as the festival prepares to move to [...]


We want you at Boo! Arizona [Ticket Giveaway]

Think we forgot about our West Coast readers? Not a chance! Festival Squad has teamed up with Relentless Beats & Insomniac Events to give TWO lucky readers a pair of tickets to Boo! Arizona. [...]


Beauty Is In the Eye of the Ticket Holder: Life Is Beautiful 2016

written by Mara Mannella Much like the downtown Las Vegas city blocks it occupies, Life Is Beautiful has a way of improving upon itself year after year. The fourth year of this quickly maturing [...]


Festival Fashionista: Paris Sinclair

interview by Mia Nissen Give a woman an outfit, and you dress her for a day. Teach her to sew, and you give her the ability to create for a lifetime. Paris Sinclair, a Phoenix and Los Angeles [...]


Ride It Out at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

written by Mara Mannella Run-of-the-mill carnivals evoke images of sticky, piled high cotton candy and strapping into various thrill rides with harshly exposed nuts and bolts tightened mere hours [...]


Catching the Golden Hour at Deep Roots Mountain Revival

written by Austin Allen Let me start this review off by saying that the drive from Chicago to southern West Virginia was absolutely breathtaking. We ended up leaving around midnight, driving [...]


Hyper Trap Heavy Hitters Yellow Claw Never Let Me Down

written by Nate Manuel photo by Christian Lopez There’s a style buried somewhere between trap, hip hop, and hard house that holds a special place in my heart. Yellow Claw, with their ever present [...]