Thanks to Pham’s Latest Track, I Know What I’m Doing Later

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written by Ariana Assaf

If ever a song made me want to throw on a pair of thigh highs and dance around my room, it’s Pham’s “Talk To Me” featuring Akuna. Silky smooth and perfectly paced, the track has the power to push bodies and mind past the point of normalcy into some pseudo-psychedelic realm where back bending is the #1 form of self expression…or maybe I’m just reading too much into the music video.

Shot in the artist’s home country of Poland by  Grymuza and produced by Greenweedz, the video perfectly captures the cool mood of the song. On production and choice of vocalist, the artist explains how the song was created as a result of experimentation with writing a “cold” chord progression and similar synth. “I felt like Anuka would fit the ‘sparkly’ characteristics of the track and I would contradict it with heavy bass notes later, which is a classic manipulation of contrasts and it came out great.”

Give it a listen, and when you like what you hear, definitely make a point of checking out his  MOVEMENTS EP that came out this summer. The guy is a future bass magician, and the whole world is about to find that out.


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