Warpaint Records to Showcase LA’s Rising Stars

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written by Ariana Assaf

LA is one hell of a hometown. First of all, it’s not a town. It’s a monster…but a lot of people rag on me for being so negative about it so let’s move on from that. Point is, it’s a freaking weird place to grow up, so the fact that Warpaint Records is giving a bunch of LA kids the chance to play a pretty major show in their “hometown” is something worth seeing.

Bass aficionados English Lit, Control, LVNKY, AzKore, Brothers Grim, Bass Craft, Venon, and FOMO are starting the weekend early with a showcase at Union Nightclub tomorrow, and I for one am pretty stoked to see how they throw down.

Founded on the east coast by John Mullinix and brothers Kris and Jeffrey Ware , the showcase represents Warpaint’s impressive expansion over the course of just three years. Come see what it’s all about, grab your tickets here.

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