Just In Case You Didn’t Get Enough Odesza Another Song Is Released

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written by Hatim Hafid

Odesza is a group that just keeps on giving. Earlier today Clay and Harrison, the two creators behind Odesza, took to the radio to share their new single Line of Sight. Many people cried foul as they expected more than just one song to be released on the playlist. Their calls were heard and Odesza released another tune. The song titled Late Night may seem familiar to some of you, because it is a rework of the song LLC by beachesbeaches (Clayton Knight’s song who comprises ½ of Odesza)! The rework incorporates an ethereal sound and an exquisite baseline to go with the familiar chopped up vocals we always expect from our boys!

Song #2

In case you missed our thoughts of Song #1 and the Interview click here.

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