ODESZA Releases Newest Track [Listen Here]

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written by Hatim Hafid & Stephanie Rosa 

It’s been 1 year and 19 days since Odesza released their original track Light along with the rest of their deluxe version of In Return. Thankfully today, Odesza fans rejoice as new sounds from the ever growing duo have finally hit the airwaves. Harrison and Clay (the founding members of ODESZA) took to two different Seattle based radio stations to release their newest single from their upcoming album. While on 107.7 The End, Clay wouldn’t release any details on the upcoming album, he shared the new song…. twice. 

Their new track Line of Sight incorporates their familiar chopped up vocals with a bright sound and indie/alternative vocals, quite different from what we expected for the tone of the album. Needless to say, Odesza went above our extremely high expectations as their song floored us from start to finish. We may be biased because we love Odesza (let’s be honest who doesn’t), but this track is objectively well done. We can only imagine what the rest of the album will sound like! Listen to their new track Line of Sight here!

[Update:] Another track will be released on spotify in a few hours, stay tuned!!! Hear the second track by clicking here!

Radio Interview & Song:

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