Watch ODESZA Perform Late Night LIVE! [Video]

 In Drop & Listen

written by Stephanie Rosa

video by Festival Squad 

Its been about 24 hours since our favorite duo, ODESZA, released two new tracks from their upcoming album. In December 2016, we caught ODESZA at Day For Night Music Festival in Houston where they dropped three new songs. Festival Squad was the first publication to release the news and videos, and it caused a great reaction from fans near and far. What you maybe did not know was that one of these songs (Song 2) was actually an old production titled LLC by Beachesbeaches (Clay’s project before ODESZA). The song has been reworked by the duo and re-released under the title Late Night. Last week, we published an article saying that after some research, we figured out that this song would be on the new album…. and we were right! To celebrate, catch Late Night live at Day For Night, below!

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