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It happens every day, all the time, and it never ends. The best kind of change is the kind that you plan. The kind that you’re excited for, the kind that you want to share. Today at Festival Squad, we are sharing our newest change: our new site and logo. You may ask yourself “WHY REBRAND?” Our answer: FOR THE SQUAD.

We felt like our last logo didn’t represent a whole team, tribe, squad, or family. It represented just one person and theres never just one person when you’re festing. Theres hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands. And we needed a logo to represent that. We also wanted to change our colors to represent the vibrant and beautiful aspects that are in festivals, and that was not represented on our last site or logo. SO NOW THIS.

Our logo was created by Robbie Rowland to encompass the beauty within festivals. North, East, South, and West; friends, culture, art and consciousness. We could not be more thrilled.

TO CELEBRATE we want to announce our Indy 500 Snakepit Winner of (2) Tickets: Tanner Schacht. CONGRATULATIONS, we hope you have a great time with your +1!

We also want to announce our MASSIVE GIVEAWAY to take a WHOLE SQUAD to Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago. You can enter below.

And lastly, we have EXTENDED our Sea Dragon Studio/ Disco Nerd / Easy Tiger Designs Giveaway by ONE week and ADDED a SECOND Grand Prize. Enter that below as well!

WHY? Cause we love you. You’re our fest fam, YOU’RE OUR SQUAD, and we do all of it FOR YOU.

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