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This festival is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. My goal in this article is to highlight the true uniqueness of the festival and convince everyone that they MUST MAKE IT TO A CAMPOUT!  Whether you live on the West Coast, Midwest, or East Coast– The Campout is a place you want to be!  And GOOD NEWS— The Dirtybird Team just announced for the first time EVER they will be hosting a second campout on the East Coast!

More details will be announced on 10/30!

The Scene

Photo by: Juliana Bernstein

Let me set the scene– Adult Camp!  The moment you get to your campsite you are reminded of the days when you went to summer camp– competitive games, friends, souvenirs, and complete disregard for anything that’s happening in the “real” world. You are surrounded by positive attitudes and pure excitement, but don’t be confused– this is definitely a music festival.

Photo by: Aaron Glassman

Once you set up camp, meet your neighbors, and walk the path along the the grounds- A big sign welcomes you t0 what can only be described as the happiest place on Earth– CAMP DIRTYBIRD!  Everyone immediately heads to the Game Headquarters and is randomly assigned to a team.  I tried my best to get on the Green Team, but was told I would join Team Orange and was encouraged to make new friends.  Truth be told, I’m not too upset about not getting my favorite color (green), since ultimately I did make new friends because of my team color!  Once you’ve received your color, you wore it proudly the rest of the weekend and attended as many events as possible.

Photo by: Watchara

Besides the Stages, which were cleverly named after their artist performances-The Birdhouse and The Basslodge, there were multiple other locations on the grounds that had activities for the “campers” to participate in.  As you walked into the festival, you were welcomed by the Bunkhouse, which had old-school camp bunk beds spread out throughout the crowd begging for people to lay down and enjoy the upcoming show.  Just outside the Bunkhouse were of tree swings.  Everything on the grounds was strategically placed from the campers to enjoy and play with.

The festival grounds were endless– Craftopia for arts and crafts projects, The Dugout for kickball tournaments, The Gamefield for ‘Simon Says’ and water-balloon toss competitions, The Archery Range to test out your bow-and-arrow skills, The Treefort Taproom for beers and hangout sessions…. the options were endless!


Photo by: Watchara

If you are as competitive as me, you will LOVE the DIRTYBIRD Campout!  The games are endless and everyone is actually competing!  Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude VonStroke) stated in an interview that he wanted something weird and interactive happening at his festival at all times.  And trust me, he accomplished just that!

There’s something for everyone – jocks can attempt to relive the glory days at Tug O War, 3 Legged Races, Dodgeball or the newly installed Tour de Dance cycle race, tart-minded can show their skills in the Talent Contest, Karaoke, Stand-Up Comedy, Dance and Movement classes, or Wood & Totem Carving Workshops, and the bookworms can lay down some knowledge in the Science LaB.

There is more here than can possibly be undertaken in a given weekend, and I haven’t even begun to mention the music!  Yet, somehow Claude VonStroke manages to participate in everything! Seriously, Claude VonStroke IS EVERYWHERE AND PARTICIPATES IN EVERYTHING….Truly a man of many talents. But he is far from the sole DIRTYBIRD out in the mix, and one of Campout’s most special qualities is when you face off on the field, or find yourself in a victorious hug, with your favorite DIRTYBIRD artists.

Photo by: Watchara

This is what sets this festival apart from any other festival I’ve ever been to.  Where else can you play kickball with the musicians that you traveled from across the country to see perform….. well, at The DIRTYBIRD Campout you can play kickball with not only Claude, but most of the Dirtybird crew.  Or as you are walking around checking out the sites, you will see Mija also walking around enjoying the camp activities!

The People

The people who attend this festival are not only die-hard DIRTYBIRD fans, but they are also just flat out the friendliest people I’ve ever encountered.  Everyone wanted to get to know each other and participate in activities together.  Whether you came with a group of 30 on 6 different RV’s (SHOUT OUT TO THE WATERMELON CREW) or you came alone– you were bound to make new friends that would last a lifetime.

Besides the overt friendless of the crowd, everyone was dressed as if they were a camp counselor during the day and animal onesie at night.  The crowd took to the Burning Man mentality with light-up costumes and road bikes around the ground.

Photo by: Katie Laskowska

Besides the costumes and personalities, the people that attended this festival understood that the DIRTYBIRD crew modeled this festival after a “family” event.  The campers  were not just in the grounds to ‘experience’ the festival, but they made the festival their own.  In fact, a few (clever) campers took to the signs around the venue and rearranged some of the letters on camp signs!!  I’m pretty sure that at any other festival the attendees would get yelled at and possibly removed from the venue, but what did Father Claude do……..

He took to Snapchat and shouted out the campers creativity!

Grannies gone wild were some of my fav campers last weekend. So funny

A post shared by Claude VonStroke (@vonstroke) on


The Artists and MUSIC:

Our favorite label, in fact, the honored label of the DECADE, has taken things up a notch with this year’s delivery of explosive sets. From the combination of Dirtybird Players’ staple tracks, bouncy house jams, and eclectic genre cross-overs, Dirtybird made one thing extremely loud and clear: Dirtybird is only taking over, taking tunes deeper, and everyone is welcome!

As most artists who graced us with their mastermind mixes are Dirtybird Players themselves, what was special was the inclusivity that extended to artists outside of the label, as well as genre. Popular artists who have paved their way to Dirtybird Campout sets were nothing above any other lesser-known artist who also has what it takes to move a crown and leave a killer impression on us.

The most notable set in my book was served by none other than Walker & Royce. Not only did this smashing house music duo mix banger on banger on banger, but cranked the energy level up from wild to BLASTOFF! With their ever so popular track, ‘Take Me to Your Leader’ tagged onto a plethora of unreleased tracks, I am quite certain most jaws were found right on the dusty floor because we, well, COULD NOT EVEN! As we await their full album release next week and Bay Area show this weekend, we are quite spoiled and thankful to be graced with more and more Walker & Royce. It’s insane to think just two Campouts ago, W&R’s early set was considered to be almost unnoticed and here we are celebrating their label addition, etc. So many props!

Photos by: Watchara
Photos by: Watchara

As we all thought we were ready for the closing Family Set, we truly weren’t! The Claude VonStroke/Justin Martin/Worthy/etc mashup was the most badass showcase I have seen served by Dirtybird yet. As it was a bummer seeing so much greatness come to an end, it is looking forward to the very next time we merge with our favorite Dirty birdies that keeps us going.

Photos by: Katie Laskowska
Photos by: Katie Laskowska
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