7 Reasons Why Dirtybird Campout WINS!

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Photo by Kristina Baknenski

Now, this is all a matter of opinion here-

But when you know, you know…

And this page of our storybook is telling us that Dirtybird Campout West wins the best festival of the year,


Photo by Max Benedict

Setting the Scene:

Dirtybird Campout West

October 7th-9th, 2018

Modesto Reservoir

Photo by Kristina Baknenski

This past weekend, Festival Squad adventured out to Northern California for the beloved Dirtybird Campout West, hearing stories of what many in the scene have coined their “favorite festival”. With that kind of reputation to live up to, expectations were high, but BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER! Not sold yet? Here are seven reasons why we think that Dirtybird Campout is one of the most unique festival experiences out there:

1. It’s basically one big, funky family reunion.

As a music festival journalist, you really get to dive into the different families that exist in the scene, individual to the particular event. Campout took this family vibe to a new level, and it was like every new encounter was a best friend for years. When you know, you know. House music seems to bring out the wittiest side of people, seen through the ridiculous synchronized squad outfits and hilarious totems. And the dance moves man, you didn’t even know that you could move like that before you become a dirty birdie.

Photo by Max Benedict

2. Dirtybird has its own fashion line.

This is different from your usual festival glam and fashionistas. It’s the place you are urged to bust out your girl and boy scout uniforms from elementary school and spice them up DIRTY BIRD STYLE. We’re talking funky patches, trinkets you’ve collected over the years, and whatever floats your boat really. As a first-timer this year, it was refreshing to experience the depth that the Dirtybird culture has to offer. But the bottom line is, you wear whatever makes you feel most YOU at Dirtybird. There’s nothing but love in these parts.

Photo by Kristina Baknenski

3. The artists are at the center of the family, your camp counselors.

How many festivals have you been to that you could chill next to the campfire with your favorite DJs? Or verse your latest music obsession in a game of tug of war? Pizza party it up with Chris Lake? Campout really has it all. The possibilities are limitless, and every moment is what you make of it. You can create your experience into one where you meet all of your favorites, or you could sleep the days away- whatever floats your boat (or floatie).

Photo by Aaron Glassman

Photo by Aaron Glassman

4. The Bird House…

It truly is all about the music with these people. The best part of the Bird House is that there are no set breaks, just transitions as smooth as butter. Nothing can break the vibe and it felt like days went by, and nothing else mattered. People don’t come out to these events for the production value like some others, but rather for the PEOPLE and the TUNES. The variety of styles of house and techno that took over the Bird House were powerful and addicting, and it was difficult to leave at any given moment. It was like a 12-hour long disco party, but the Dirtybird way- FAMILY style. The production was so perfect in its minimalistic nature, and the lasers and ethereal glow of the disco ball made for an unforgettable dance party.

Photo by Kristina Baknensk

Photo by Kristina Baknenski

5. Ridiculousness is the norm.

It’s exhilarating to experience the sparkle that each attendee brings to the table at any festival, but Campout draws in a special kind of crowd. Maybe it’s the 21+ factor, the burner communities, or even just the addictive tunes echoing throughout the campground, something out there pushes this fam to let their freak flag fly. The giggles are unavoidable, and the wittiness of the humans out there will change you as a person. We caught ourselves bringing back dance moves from our youth and dancing with inanimate objects. Priceless.

Photo by Max Benedict

Photo by Aaron Glassman

6. There’s an unbelievable amount of room for activities!

Both the night owl and the early bird can flourish at Campout! Or you could be like some, and not sleep all weekend doing both! Daytime brings you back in time to youthful summer camp activities such as balloon tosses, lakeside hangs, talent shows, and even 3-legged races. As the sun sets, the stages are at their wildest and the campers are vibin’ real hard. Late night at Dirtybird consisted of a whopping 3-channel silent disco, RV parties, renegade disco parties, psychedelic bingo, and even sing-a-longs next to the campfire! Boredom isn’t even a word.

Photo by Max Benedict

Photo by Max Benedict

7.  Otherworldly encounters…

Your vibe attracts your tribe, and campout is a manifestation station at its finest. When you’re in the right place at the right time, you know. Magic happens. Saturday night at Campout happened to be the night of the Space X launch, and the sight of this mid the beautiful festival chaos was absolutely breathtaking. You could see the ship shoot up, and campers from near and far were exclaiming things along the lines of “ALIENS!” or “WHAT ARE THOSE!”. A mysterious cloud-looking starburst was left due to the engine runoff, leaving dirty birdies wondering for hours what had just happened. A man dressed as an astronaut was telling stories of Space X and clearing things up, but many left that day believing that may have witnessed a landing from Mars.

Photo by Max Benedict

West coast, best coast rings true as ever! Dirtybird Family Forever.

See you next year, Campers!

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