Quick Facts on Austin:

  • Name: Austin Alexander Allen
  • Current Location: Bloomington, IL (but originally from the West Chicagoland area)
  • Favorite Festival: The Werkout Music and Arts Festival (because of the positive community vibe hass, as well as the awesome, funky music)
  • Festival Wishlist: Electric Forest (which has been a long time dream of mine!)
  • Favorite Music Genre: Varies from deep house, to dirty dubstep, old school rap, and even venturing into punk pop, alternative, and various forms of rock
  • Current Favorite Musicians: La Dispute, The Front Bottoms, and Turnover from the rock side, but overall my favorites in the electronic family are: Green Velvet, Pleasurekraft, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Mr. Carmack, Quix, Ozzie, Hucci, GameFace, Lettuce, and Griz. However I’m also a huge fan of Notorious BIG and Wu Tang Clan


Hey guys! I’m apart of Festival Squad because of my passion for writing as well as my love for music festivals. For me, music festivals symbolize what society could be if it were free of negative energy like hate and greed. At The Werkout I remember sitting around a fire talking to my surrounding neighbors and I said, “Man, I really wish society could be like this,” and one of my neighbors said, “Dude if you surround yourself with good positive people like the ones at this show, then this is what your society will be like. You perceive reality based on what you’re exposed to.” That advice as stuck with me and has really made an indent in how I live my life and is one of the main reasons I love going to shows and festivals. The musicians attract me and the entire vibe of a fest always keeps me coming back. Hopefully with this amazing opportunity presented to me I’ll be able to not only experience festivals and shows from a music lover’s perspective but also through the lens of a journalist and write my experiences and document moments to give insight to the curious readers. If there is anything I could share with anyone reading this, I’d like to stress the saying, “Love is all you need.” It is 100% true. Do whatever you can to make you happy, but do it with love. It can change your society, your views, and ultimately the world. We must shed our titles and remember what we all truly are; human. Each one of us dealing with our own problems and working toward our own goals, love can keep us all going and bring a familiar bond to our community. Stay awesome guys and have a great day!


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