Insomniac brings it back to the Bay Area with Audiotistic

Cover photo taken from Audiotistic Photo Gallery It’s no secret that Insomniac often curates some of the biggest and best lineups around. The Bay Area is often privy to many incredible [...]


pluko: On the Rise [Exclusive Interview]

17-year-old Pennsylvania native, Sam Martinsen AKA pluko has made leaps and bounds in his career over the past year. After attending his first show in Pittsburgh’s Stage AE and falling in [...]


BARDZ Returns With “Risk It All” ft. Ruuth (Remix)

photos from BARDZ’s Facebook From a young age, Tyler was fascinated by instrumentation, eventually leading him to learn the piano and guitar. By drawing inspiration from the likes of Pink [...]


pluko releases his first Foreign Family Collective single, asleep (ft MOONZz)

A generation of young SoundCloud producers has been making headway in the music industry through their innovative approach to the electronic medium. Sam Martinsen AKA pluko (formerly named Pluto [...]


Paradiso: The Gorge is Beckoning

ATTENTION: The Paradiso lineup is here, and it is insane! But don’t take my word for it, have a look for yourself! Based in Washington state, roughly two and a half hours from Seattle lies [...]


Inaugural Festival Squad Awards 2017 Results

Cover photo by Don Idio Back in, 2017 Festival Squad attended over 150+ Festivals; which allowed us to get some real insight into which aspects of each festival stood out. We asked YOU, the [...]


Beyond Wonderland: Well Beyond our Expectations

Cover photo from Beyond Wonderland Photo Gallery 2018 When someone utters the words Beyond Wonderland, images of flashing lights, incredible music, and quality atmosphere fill the air. Insomniac [...]


Santa Cruz Music Festival Rolls With the Tide

photo by Stefan Poulos Photography Santa Cruz Music Festival hit us with wave after wave of unexpected surprises. SCMF, in its fifth year, celebrated significant improvements from its venues, to [...]


Down The Rabbit Hole in 3…2…1… [WIN Beyond Wonderland PASSES HERE]

Photos Taken From Beyond Wonderland’s Website Written By Hatim Hafid Is there a warm feeling in your chest? Do your ears perk up at the sound of electronic music? Do your eyes go wide [...]


Kasbo Sets his Tempo for 2018

Kasbo’s name, often heard in tandem with the likes of ODESZA, Louis Futon, and San Holo. This comes as no surprise since Kasbo has been making huge waves in the electronic music scene. [...]

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