MDW Memories: Movement Electronic Music Festival

Photos Taken From Movement’s Facebook Page Written by Megan Caruso “Detroit is the Birthplace of Techno Music.” The phrase was plastered in bold letters on a billboard in Detroit off I-75 [...]


Happy Mother’s Day to Not a Regular Mom, A Cool Mom

The old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” rings true when it comes to my mom and I. A lifelong live music devotee, my mother Maureen has been to over 300 concerts, from back in [...]


Detroit Awaits: Who To See at Movement

Written by Megan Caruso Photo credit: Brandon Rabotnick Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival is particularly picky when curating artists to play in the heart of the city Techno calls [...]


Feeling Nourished After Lucidity Festival

Written by Tiffany Moya Photo credit: Lucidity Festivals First, let me begin by saying this is more than a typical music festival. Lucidity, held this past weekend at Live Oaks Campgrounds in [...]


Hard Summer 2018 – Not New, But Improved?

Photo credit: OHDAGYO Photography In the festival community, the sheer mention of Hard Summer invites a firestorm of opinions – some glowing, some scathing. Last August’s event at Glen [...]


LED USA Wows With Stacked MDW Lineup

Written by Danica Nuestro Hop on a plane to San Diego for Memorial Day Weekend because it’s going to be a party at LED USA on May 25-26! LED presents just released their lineup for their annual [...]


The Evolution of Movement Detroit

Written by Megan Caruso Photo credit: Stephen Bondio Photography Even after withstanding five name changes, dozens of producers and flaky sponsors, the annual electronic music festival held in [...]


Lost Lands Festival 2018 Brings All the Fossil-Rattling Bass

Photo credit: Rukes The lineup for the 2nd annual Lost Lands Music Festival has dropped with the same force as the asteroid that blew dinosaurs off the earth all those years ago. Boasting [...]


Free Press Summer Fest is Dead – Long Live In Bloom!

Written by Grant Goodman Photo credit: Evan Hammerman The diverse lineup coupled with acceptable weather made the inaugural In Bloom Music Festival suffice as a replacement for Houston’s beloved [...]


Deadrocks V Expands to 2 Earthshaking Days

Written by Danica Nuestro Photo Credit: Zeds Dead/Facebook Zeds Dead brings us their 5th Deadrocks and expands it to TWO Days on July 2nd and 3rd, 2018. And to celebrate five years of Deadrocks [...]