Quick Facts on Bulmaro:

  • Current Location: Chicago, IL
  • Favorite Festival: Electric Forest
  • Festival Wishlist: Tomorrow Land, Imagine Music Festival & The Day After (Panama City), and Mysteryland
  • Favorite Music Genre:All of them but at the moment house and future bass
  • Current Favorite Musicians:Tchami, Jauz, Shiba San, Sean Arca, and the list goes on

I like that festival squad is not only reviewing music festivals but sharing their experiences and bringing light to the culture its fostering and movement it has created. It brings together all kinds of people from all walks of life to listen and experience amazing music by their favorite artist and the community it fosters.  I  would like to continue going to music festivals but internationally so I can see how other people around the world like party it up and how artist change their sets to cater to their audience. Most people say life is short but I feel its quite the opposite, life is long, so take that time to meet new people, visit new places, learn a new language, or pick up a new skill and experience all you can. That is my personal mantra that I strive to live by everyday and it says all I have to say about who I am.



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