Festival Squad Is Back… Here Is What You Need to Know

Festival Squad has been growing internally and externally since it formed back in 2015. Our team has grown more rapidly than we could have ever imagined. Here at Festival Squad, each contributor [...]


Artist Spotlight: Jack White

This year Jack White is once again taking the festival world by storm. After taking a break from live performances to focus on his third solo album, White is once again embarking on a festival [...]


Crush Dallas: A Lineup That Sold Out Our Hearts

Photos by Daniel Lopez Guest Written by Miguel Covarrubias The Venue: Don’t let the outside of The South Side Ballroom fool you. It may look small at the entrance, but Insomniac’s Crush was [...]


Gem and Jam: My Forever Festival

Photos by Sage Thomas If I could go to only one festival for the rest of my life, it would be Gem and Jam Festival. It’s intimate, it’s not extremely flashy, but it is most certainly HOME. Just [...]


What’s Going On With GRiZ (And is He Changing His Name?!)

written by Lucas Carpenter Feature image by Don Idio of Festival Squad   Grant Kwiecinski, aka GRiZ, has been leaving a trail of hints over social media about some upcoming changes going on [...]


Blue Madonna In My Head Now

I’ve been using every ounce of will power in my body to refrain from spilling all about this new album to you guys, yet I am weak. Think of your favorite artist. Imagine finding that artist [...]


Festival Squad and Festival Goers Unite: What Will Change?

Change is one of the best things that we can do to better ourselves. We change our hair to feel refreshed, we change the furniture in our house to get a reset feel, or we change where we live to [...]


Meet The Guy Who Used Powerpoint To Convince His Mom To Let Him Attend Forest

photo by Don Idio for Festival Squad Electric Forest has made dreams come true… again. One of the best things about Electric Forest is how much the festival engages with the community and [...]


[BREAKING] Summer Set Festival Cancelled for 2018

Its sad but true, another one bites the dust. About an hour ago, Summer Set Music Festival, which takes place in Wisconsin, let its fans know that the festival is taking a break in 2018. In late [...]


What is Gary Richards Up To?

While we were all wearing our party hats and toasting to the New Year, Gary Richards aka Destructo was busy dropping some subtle and not so subtle hints about his next project. If you recall just [...]