Quick Facts on Mitchell:

  • Name: Mitchell Aaron Gross
  • Current Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Favorite Festival: Desert Hearts
  • Festival Wishlist: Glastonbury, Austin City Limits, Sonar
  • Favorite Music Genre:This is really difficult, I’ve been a fan of underground hip-hop forever but since I’ve personally become friends with a couple house producers my views have shifted. I love hip hop and the creativity that goes into writing lyrics but house is quickly catching up.
  • Current Favorite Musicians: Curren$y, Justin Jay, Shiba San, Jozif

What I love most about festivals is the feeling of freedom I get when I walk into a venue with my camera. There I can do everything that I love: create visual art, dance, meet new people, etc. in an environment where everyone else has the same freeing mentality. It’s like a vacation away from reality to a strange utopia where exposed breasts covered in pasties might be the least interesting part of the weekend. My simultaneous thirst for personal exploration is as dire as my thirst for community and connection. Next time you see a photographer with a handlebar mustache doing weird things with lights and a camera at a festival say “hi”.

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