Lucidity Awakens a New Story of Diversity

Photo by Harmonic Light Written by Austin Robert Ideas of living better and together mesh with the power of music and art, in a “mythos, a lived story, a journey” as we are given another weekend [...]


Getting to Know CRSSD Spring Festival 2018

Did you enjoy your break from festival season? No? Me neither! Which is why I am ecstatic about the return of CRSSD Spring Festival to help me get back into the swing of things. CRSSD is a [...]


LED OMFG NYE 2018: 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

Written by Danica Nuestro With the lineup, venue, and more, this is an event you do NOT want to miss out on! With 2017 coming to its end, there’s no better way to put the cherry on top of [...]


Divine Interactions at One Love Festival

Photo by Curious Josh  Conscious festivals change lives. This is the mantra that One Love Festival has imprinted in my mind. At first look, this modest festival seemed “barebones”- but after such [...]


Everything You Need To Know About One Love Music & Art Festival

Southern California festies, rejoice! As festival season draws to a close for some of us, One Love brings us a party that will help you go out with a bang! Not only does the lineup promise all of [...]


What to Wear at Escape: Psycho Circus

Guest Written by Daniella Hughes If you’re anything like me, you dress like Morticia Addams’ 99% of the time, except for Easter cuz you know: Jesus. So you’ve probably been planning your [...]


Totem Tag at Nocturnal Wonderland

Guest Written by Daniella Hughes It’s no question that over the past few years, the use of totems has become increasingly prevalent in the rave/music festival scene. From immaculately lit posters [...]


DIRTYBIRD Campout: Summer Camp for ADULTS

DIRTYBIRD Campout Reveals More Than 60 Games & Activities for 2017 Edition Bring Your A-Game! Pick A Color! Go For The Iron Bird! It’s that time of year again, there’s an itch stirring [...]


Nocturnal Wonderland: Up all Night

Photos by Insomniac With the Nocturnal Wonderland lineup released, it is no wonder why we can’t sleep. Mark your calendars and pack your bags, because September 15th and 16th are quickly [...]


Guess Who’s Headlining Coachella in Place of Queen Bey?

While we might be a tad late on letting the cat out of the bag, we think its important to announce that Coachella’s pregnant Saturday headliner will be replaced by none other than Lady [...]

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