Samantha: A Coachella Novella

 By Harrison Comfort Return of The Kid I never thought I’d go back to Indio, California. Coachella 2014, my first and only music festival, resulted in a feature-length screenplay about eight [...]


Guess Who’s Headlining Coachella in Place of Queen Bey?

While we might be a tad late on letting the cat out of the bag, we think its important to announce that Coachella’s pregnant Saturday headliner will be replaced by none other than Lady [...]


AEG and Superfly Crafting the Next Big Festival to Hit Colorado

Written by Mia Nissen Colorado, with it’s beautiful weather and wildly increasing population of millenials, makes for the perfect venue for outdoor music festivals. Those lucky enough to live in [...]


Coachella Announces 2017 Lineup, See it Here!

We too have been reading all the guesses on the lineup for Coachella’s 2017 lineup. Well, the wait is FINALLY over. Check out this incredible lineup below and tell us who you’re most [...]


Do LaB Continues to Impress with Woogie Weekend

Who had a bomb ass time at Lightning in a Bottle? WE DID! Which is why we’re so excited to check out its sister festival Woogie Weekend, coming up July 8-10 at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA. [...]

The PROS & CONS about SHIFTPODS [Product Review]

Written by Stephanie Rosa  Camping has never been my favorite. After hitting my first camping festival (Bonnaroo, in 2008) and waking up to 95 degree stuffy Tennessee heat, I swore there must be [...]


Why SHIFTPODS are the reason you want to camp at festivals 

Written by Stephanie Rosa Festival season is officially upon us and lineups are being shared via social media outlets everyone. Tickets are being snagged up quickly and squads are being formed. [...]


Coachella set times are HERE and we are so ready…

Written by Ariana Assaf It’s finally happened, Coachella has given us the set times we’ve been longing for ever since the lineup was announced. Though leaving the announcement to just [...]


How To Survive Coachella – 10 Tips from a Veteran Coachella-er

Written by Stephanie Rosa (originally posted in 2016) Coachella season is finally here, and we’re counting down the days to go time. Outfits are being finalized, schedules are being organized, [...]


Heineken House stage at Coachella announces bass-heavy lineup

Written by Ariana Assaf   Breaking Coachella news! With the first weekend of this festival just around the corner (T-eight days and counting!), we’re coming to you with some super exciting [...]

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