Paradiso: On the Horizon

cover photo taken from Paradiso Facebook page Paradiso, an EDM festival in the heart of Washington’s green space AKA The Gorge is on the horizon. This two-day festival has its best lineup to date [...]


Beyond Wonderland: Well Beyond our Expectations

Cover photo from Beyond Wonderland Photo Gallery 2018 When someone utters the words Beyond Wonderland, images of flashing lights, incredible music, and quality atmosphere fill the air. Insomniac [...]


A Wonderland Experience in Mexico

  Photo credit: Kyle Ziff By: Kyle Ziff I have officially made it out of my first rabbit hole experience in Mexico. Though I have been to numerous Beyond Wonderland California events, this [...]


Wandering Down To Mexico for Beyond Wonderland

By: Kyle Ziff Photo Credits: Beyond Wonderland Website We are just a few days away from entering the magical world of Beyond Wonderland Mexico.  I am BEYOND excited to check out this Mexican [...]


Down The Rabbit Hole in 3…2…1… [WIN Beyond Wonderland PASSES HERE]

Photos Taken From Beyond Wonderland’s Website Written By Hatim Hafid Is there a warm feeling in your chest? Do your ears perk up at the sound of electronic music? Do your eyes go wide [...]


Crush Dallas: A Lineup That Sold Out Our Hearts

Photos by Daniel Lopez Guest Written by Miguel Covarrubias The Venue: Don’t let the outside of The South Side Ballroom fool you. It may look small at the entrance, but Insomniac’s Crush was [...]


Ready for EDC Mexico Vibes

Written by: Jennifer Fall In 2016 I had the absolute time of my life at the 20th anniversary of Insomniac’s EDC Vegas. Walking into the speedway felt like I was walking into another universe. I [...]


Beyond Wonderland on the Horizon

For those of you who loved Beyond Wonderland last year, just wait… Insomniac is set for its biggest year yet! With major changes to come, Insomniac is showing appreciation to all their fans [...]


The Clock Ticks Closer to Countdown NYE

Photo Credit: Insomniac 2017 will go down in history as one of the most wild AF years on record. What better way to tell the last 12 months to kick rocks than by dancing under the Southern [...]


Dreams Come True at Dreamstate SoCal 2017

Written by Jen Fall Photo credit: Jake West for Insomniac Trance lovers descended on a Utopian paradise this past weekend at Dreamstate SoCal. Held at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino and [...]

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