Air + Style: Shredding Guaranteed

Snow. Music. Food. Art. Air + Style is bringing the action to Downtown LA’s Expo Park at the Coliseum for its fourth year around the sun. With stops in LA, Beijing, and Sydney, this packed fest [...]


Artist Spotlight: Léon

God bless Sweden for bringing us Lotta Lindgren, also known by her stage name, Léon. If you haven’t heard of her, you’re welcome. This girl is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve mentioned her in [...]


The Bass Gods Have Answered Our Prayers

Photo by ATS Photography “To say I’m excited for this tour would be a massive understatement,” -G Jones   In need of some bass therapy? I know I am. Grimy bass genius, G Jones, has had [...]


YEE-HAW, Calling all Electronic and Hip-Hop Lovers to the Wild West!

Photo by Chase Pope Goldrush Music Festival will be riding into Chandler, AZ for its inaugural run this November 18th-19th, 2017. A melting pot for the hottest names in the electronic and hip-hop [...]


Phoenix Lights: Inflatable Igloos, Hangin’ with DJ’s, and Much More

Written by Hayden Fischer Photos by Nicole D Introduction – The lights came to Phoenix once again and even with a change of the venue 2 days prior to it beginning, the show still went on and [...]


Dear Phoenix: The Lights Are Coming for You

Written by Hayden Fischer Photos by Sage Thomas Phoenix Lights is the upcoming two-day festival to bring some of the biggest names in the EDM and music industry to Margaret T. Hance Park in [...]


Festival Review: Feelin’ the Love at Crush Arizona

Written by Hayden Fischer Photos by Chase Pope Introduction – Arizona’s favorite Valentine’s Day-themed show, Crush, just happened on February 16th, 2017 and was known for its perfect [...]


McDowell Mountain Music Festival: A Weekend of Indie, Funk, and Jam

Written by Andrea Hnatievych McDowell Mountain Music Festival (MMMF) is back this March 3rd-5th in Phoenix, AZ for its celebration of community, culture, and charity. Dedicated attendees return [...]


5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Mad Decent Block Party AZ

guest written by Andrea Hnatievych  1. Friendships, new and old With thousands of attendees, you are bound to make at least a few good connections and feel the love all night long, growing closer [...]


Dirty Disco Brings the Fire to Arizona Desert

guest written by Vladimir Madorsky  Dirty Disco Quick Facts: Sam Groove started Dirty Disco as a small desert rave in 2010, and partnered with Phoenix-based entertainment group Hades to grow the [...]

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