5 Tracks to Get You Excited for LIB

Written by Bridgette Reynolds Photo by Watchara Phomicinda Lightning in a Bottle is right around the corner and we’ve got 5 stellar tracks to get you pumped! If you want more (which we all know [...]


Lightning in a Bottle: Breakin’ it Down by Stage

Written by Andrea Hnatievych Photo by Sage Thomas With just a little over a month left until Memorial Day Weekend, the West Coast is in heat of preparation for the largest transformational [...]


Lighting in a Bottle: It’s Time to Get LIT and Loose

Written by Bridgette Reynolds Photo by Sage Thomas Over Memorial Day weekend, May 24th-29th, The Do Lab will host yet another epic Lightning in a Bottle festival deep in Bradley, CA. Each year, [...]


Oregon Eclipse: Celebrate the Alignment on a Global Scale

Written by Andrea Hnatievych Photos by Sage Thomas                  On August 21st of this year, a total eclipse of the sun will visible across the US. The dark silhouette of the Moon will [...]


Lucidity Festival: The Final Installment of the Six Year Saga

Written by Andrea Hnatievych Photo by Sage Thomas A lucid dream refers to one where the dreamer is aware of the dream, and has an extent of control over various aspects of the environment or [...]


Follow Your Heart…to Bhakti Fest West

guest written by Jillian Love Easily one of my most anticipated events this year is Bhakti, taking place September 7-12 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California. Since the festival’s [...]


Sonic Bloom: Where the Cultivation of Music, Movement, Vision and Permaculture Flourishes

Written by Bryan Deng Sonic Bloom, a transformational electronic music festival located at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks Country, CO, heads into its 11th year next week. In addition to [...]