Experience the 5th Anniversary of Imagine Music Festival

Cover photo from Imagine Music Festival’s website This year Imagine Music Festival is going to be bigger than ever as they celebrate their 5th year. Get ready to get down with Armin Van [...]


5 Tracks to Get You Excited for LIB

Written by Bridgette Reynolds Photo by Watchara Phomicinda Lightning in a Bottle is right around the corner and we’ve got 5 stellar tracks to get you pumped! If you want more (which we all know [...]


Lightning in a Bottle: Breakin’ it Down by Stage

Written by Andrea Hnatievych Photo by Sage Thomas With just a little over a month left until Memorial Day Weekend, the West Coast is in heat of preparation for the largest transformational [...]


Lighting in a Bottle: It’s Time to Get LIT and Loose

Written by Bridgette Reynolds Photo by Sage Thomas Over Memorial Day weekend, May 24th-29th, The Do Lab will host yet another epic Lightning in a Bottle festival deep in Bradley, CA. Each year, [...]


Oregon Eclipse: Celebrate the Alignment on a Global Scale

Written by Andrea Hnatievych Photos by Sage Thomas                  On August 21st of this year, a total eclipse of the sun will visible across the US. The dark silhouette of the Moon will [...]


Lucidity Festival: The Final Installment of the Six Year Saga

Written by Andrea Hnatievych Photo by Sage Thomas A lucid dream refers to one where the dreamer is aware of the dream, and has an extent of control over various aspects of the environment or [...]


Follow Your Heart…to Bhakti Fest West

guest written by Jillian Love Easily one of my most anticipated events this year is Bhakti, taking place September 7-12 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California. Since the festival’s [...]


Sonic Bloom: Where the Cultivation of Music, Movement, Vision and Permaculture Flourishes

Written by Bryan Deng Sonic Bloom, a transformational electronic music festival located at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks Country, CO, heads into its 11th year next week. In addition to [...]