There’s No Place Like Bumbershoot

Ah, there she blows. The infamous Space Needle located in the heart of America’s rainiest city, though there was not a drop of rain to be seen over Labor Day weekend. Bumbershoot 2017 delivered a [...]


Too Much Sloss

Weather aside, the festival was Slossome. Some fellow media guys were generous enough to help me out during Saturday’s rain storm. I linked up with friends from different periods of my [...]


Bumbershoot Festival: 5 Acts You Can’t Miss

Dreaming of an evening (or two) under the Space Needle? Look no further. Bumbershoot is a party in the heart of Seattle, featuring some of electronic music’s finest artists to date. Dillon [...]


Beats > Bullets

Photo by Jessica Lehrman Okay, we need to address the obvious- Chicago’s been in the news a lot over the last few weeks and it hasn’t been for good reasons.  I could take the time to list all the [...]


Hatim Heard: Top News Stories 6/15-6/22

Theres a LOT of music news sources out there, and sometimes its hard to keep up. We are now introducing Hatim Heard, a section of our website dedicated to all of you music lovers who want [...]