Seeking Out Saquatch

Photo Credit: Eric Tra Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner, which means Sasquatch Music Festival is near. Over 20,000 music fans will be heading to the Gorge in Washington for three [...]


There’s No Place Like Bumbershoot

Ah, there she blows. The infamous Space Needle located in the heart of America’s rainiest city, though there was not a drop of rain to be seen over Labor Day weekend. Bumbershoot 2017 delivered a [...]


Too Much Sloss

Weather aside, the festival was Slossome. Some fellow media guys were generous enough to help me out during Saturday’s rain storm. I linked up with friends from different periods of my [...]


Bumbershoot Festival: 5 Acts You Can’t Miss

Dreaming of an evening (or two) under the Space Needle? Look no further. Bumbershoot is a party in the heart of Seattle, featuring some of electronic music’s finest artists to date. Dillon [...]


Beats > Bullets

Photo by Jessica Lehrman Okay, we need to address the obvious- Chicago’s been in the news a lot over the last few weeks and it hasn’t been for good reasons.  I could take the time to list all the [...]


Hatim Heard: Top News Stories 6/15-6/22

Theres a LOT of music news sources out there, and sometimes its hard to keep up. We are now introducing Hatim Heard, a section of our website dedicated to all of you music lovers who want [...]