Who Is Festival Squad?

 Festival Squad is a small group of like minded individuals whose primary goal is to provide insider knowledge of festivals in and out of the U.S. We work hard to give you the overall feel and energy of a festival by breaking down its major components and providing a detailed review on the organization and whether or not the festival is worth attending.

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Stephanie Rosa



Ariana Assaf



Don Idio

Creative Director


 Bulmaro Jacobo

Web Master


U.S. Contributors

Andrea Hnatievych

Austin Allen

Austin Eames

Connor McAuliffe

Evan Cudworth

Jacob Fischer

Jennifer Dawn Fall

Mara Mannella

Mia Nissen

Michael Talavera

Mitchell Gross

Νίκο Απέργης

Paul Dobbs

Sage Thomas

Sal Scot

Sara Joy Tiberio

 Steven Molina

Canadian Contributors

Nick Austin

Worldwide Contributors

Jane Lawrence